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Blowout Solar Thermal Domestic Hot Water Sale


I have been fortunate and found some brand-new solar thermal components that I am going to sell. These components will be sold as a system and not as individual components. The system consists of the following : a Heliodyne Helio-Flo control module, 2 Equinox 4 ‘ by 6.5 ‘ Solarhot flat plate collectors with blue-sputter absorber plate and unions, one Schuco WW 75-1E solar backup storage tank (75 gallon), row kit, and collector mounting clips for a unistrut framing system. This is a single circulator, closed loop system using a storage tank with an internal heat exchanger. It can be configured as either a single or double tank system.

The installer will have to supply a standard hydronic heating purge loop, expansion tank, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, feed and return lines, 2 10K NTC thermistors, mounting system, and air chamber. The PT-1000 PTC sensors will not work with the Heliodyne Helio-Flo appliance controller. Total cost for the above mentioned components is $2785.00, a savings of more than $1900.00. This would not be a job recommended for a novice installer or a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) without some plumbing skills, but I am willing to help with the system assembly- either by drawing or other means of communication. I will not come out and physically help on the installation. These components are considered to be “will call” status and must be picked up at my Arvada warehouse. Payment can only be cash or check- no credit card purchases. You will receive an invoice for the purchase. A solar thermal installation company stands to make very good money at this price.

See the the spec sheet below on the Schuco solar storage tank and refer to the SRCC 0G-100 test results for the Solarhot Equinox collectors. You can also go to the Heliodyne website and see the installation directions for the Helio-Flo appliance. Also, I will, if given certain conditions and inputs, run a simulation using either F- Chart or T-Sol to determine the fractional contribution of the system.

As an FYI, I do have different models of Heliotrope General, Dynatech, Independent Energy, and Webb DTC's (differential temperature controllers) available as well.

If you have questions or require further explanation please call Jim at 303.423.5685 or wheatridgesolar@aol.com .



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