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Typical Blower Door Setup

Energy Management Analysis will provide you with an energy efficiency report of your home or office.  The purpose of this study is to identify areas where you can improve your energy efficiency such as ceilings, windows, doors, and walls. 

Air leakage in your home or office is one of the leading factors to the cost of high heating  and cooling bills.  Studies show a typical house can lose up to a 1/3 of its heat from doors, windows, ceilings, and walls. A blower door (pictured to the left) will identify where your home is leaking air and how much air it is leaking. 

Wheat Ridge Solar believes that prioritizing energy saving recommendations is the first step in reducing your energy bills and conserving natural resources.  An efficient home combined with using solar thermal panels as an alternative energy source will optimize your energy production and keep your heating and cooling bills to a minimum. The leaking air is identified by using a thermal imaging camera.


Wheat Ridge Solar offers blower door tests as a part of our energy analysis service.  After identifying the problem areas Wheat Ridge Solar will provide you with cost effective and simple solutions to stop air leakage.  In most cases once these solutions are implemented a savings of 10-20% on your energy bill is realized.

Key Benefits

bulletSave Money on your heating and cooling bills
bullet Stop the drafts that are keeping you cold
bullet Use less gas and electricity to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer


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