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Welcome to Wheat Ridge Solar.  We have been saving our customers money on energy costs for over 39 years.  Founded in 1980 by Jim Smith, Wheat  Ridge Solar has the expertise to conduct extensive energy management analysis, install solar thermal systems in your home or multi story business complex.

We are innovators in energy conservation and alternative energy sources.  We work with architects to design low energy use buildings and owners to create custom packages to maximize alternative energy for home and business owners alike.

Our Mission

To provide you with the most effective energy solution for your needs in a timely and cost effective manner by providing a comprehensive energy needs assessment and looking at solutions that include curbing unnecessary air leakage as well as utilizing solar energy. 

"Maximizing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is the domestic epicenter in the War on Terror and it is imperative that we maximize the partnerships between the public and private sectors in new and creative ways with a sense of seriousness, national purpose and the urgency the situation merits.

"Alexander Karsner, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy,  US Department of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy


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